About Us

VCampus is an online education platform with a proven experience of more than 10 years. Till date, we are a proud facilitators that have changed the lives of over 3,00,000 students worldwide. We help individuals in becoming SMART professionals, Innovators, Mentors, Entrepreneurs, etc. We are a renowned education and service provider that offers online courses to young talents through industry experts and practitioners. We offer specialized diplomas and certification programmes in Digital Marketing.
The mission of VCampus is to fulfill ‘the quest of knowledge’ of individuals by providing them leading edge education opportunities, methodologies and international qualification. We believe that each individual has a hidden talent and if it is directed towards the right path, it can bring a remarkable impact on its professional growth.
The vision of VCampus is to develop a world-class learning institute of professional education that helps in kick-starting the careers of young generation. We believe that young professionals are more passionate about their careers and can bring prosperity in not only their lives but also in the entire world.

Associations and Memberships

VCampus is a proud member of IVETA (International Vocational Education and Training Association) which is dedicated to the advancement and improvement of high-quality vocational education and training throughout the world.

VCampus is a proud member of International Association for Education and Vocational Guidance, a vibrant global professional community and international association for career and educational guidance and practitioner associations.

Why Choose Us?

VCampus aims to take the level of education for our students at par with global level. In this new era, only theoretical knowledge does not suffice the purpose of the individuals, they also need the upcoming and in-demand skill sets. The platform of VCampus provides these in-demand skill sets to anyone who has a desire to make an impact in their careers.


Years of Experience





Our Process


Course Selection

Select the course you want to pursue from all the highly specialized courses that we provide.


Learn the Skill of your Choice

Learn the skill you want to pursue with our ‘instructor-led’ and ‘student oriented classes’ and increase your credibility on the resume. If you want to learn a skill by your own, you can do that through our uploaded e-content and PPTs.


Obtain Certification

After successful completion of the course, you need to pass a test to obtain an internationally recognised certification from VCampus.


Share your Success Story

After you carve out your niche with the skillset you gained, then share your success story with us. We are grateful to be a part of the journey towards your goals.