Student Resources


The methodology at VCampus supports the student individually to attain their goals by emerging approaches to coaching that influence, inspire and motivate them to learn.

The academic staff here helps the students to widen their key skills along with their education in order to enhance their employability on completion of the course. To make the online education a contended learning we follow latest trends & techniques which comprises of Self Learning Material, Learning Management System, PowerPoint Presentations and lot more. These modern techniques are readily available with us individually for each course along with a team of experienced faculty members to make e-learning an experience for our students.

Self learning Material

All the students are provided with comprehensive Self Learning Material (SLM) at the beginning of every program. Renowned authors specially design the self-learning Material for each course of the curriculum, with the Industry oriented learning methodology in mind. Our study material is "self explanatory" and "self evaluating" (test papers, tasks etc. are available). Students can also find books references and online line links for additional studies/reading. Each book provides a precise and complete knowledge of different topics. For understanding each unit, we need to first read the unit and then test student’s knowledge by performing the activities and solving the exercise questions provided at the end of the unit.

Learning Management System (LMS)

LMS is specially designed to impart a platform for students to learn at his/her own pace with a dedicated online mentor, a large group of fellow students, various online resources and a wide exposure to enjoy & enhance his/her computer as well as communication skills. Under “LMS” following features are available on a cost that is optional to the students.

  • Content management system
  • Chat Learn at anyplace anytime with your mentor online
  • Notice Board
  • Digital Resources
  • Discussion Forum
  • Online Quizzes
  • Syllabus
  • Ticket based Helpdesk
  • Messaging System
  • Connect with your Social Network through Gmail, Facebook and Twitter etc
  • Dashboard for Students
  • To do Task Management
  • Assignments Management
  • Reporting tools
Specialized Dictionaries

To make it easier and more convenient for a student to learn and understand we have designed specialized dictionaries individually for each and every subject.

You can choose from a wide range of dictionaries as per your course requirement.

PowerPoint Presentations

Keeping in mind the modern era of education we have designed the PowerPoint Presentations for our students which will make it easier for them to learn and memorize what they are learning.

With an aim to improve the quality of teaching/training and to develop a sound and systematic knowledge base, VCampus provides specialized facility of PowerPoint slides for its students and faculties thus providing the knowledge on the respective topics in a concise manner.

IT Simulations

Simulations are less complex than the situations they represent hence a student can easily learn through a replacement model for real world experience. It allows student to experiment with thoughts and results and eventually master the application of concepts to real circumstances.


In order to support indigenous learning efforts, we provide e-books which are analogous to the printed Self Learning Material. They are particularly useful as they are easy to store or carry. Students can search any information in the e-Book instead of turning page after page. They are digital boon for the students who prefer online study over printed material.

Self Assessment tests

We provide features like self-assessment tests to aid students in creating awareness about the level of their knowledge and educational goals.

Students can analyze & evaluate their learning & set goals for themselves by making use of our Self Assessment Tests. It will help them to set targets for themselves and will motivate them to accomplish more.

Online Assessment

We use online assessment technique to make exams or assignments more flexible and competent so that our students can test their knowledge and get immediate feedback on their understanding.

Online Exams

Be calm and enjoy giving away exams! The online exams facilitate the students to appear for an exam at a predetermined time & place of their choice. You can check the demo & the list of online exam centres.

At VCampus we provide you the ease of choosing your slots as per your comforts. You have the convenience to decide your own timetable and your own comfortable location across the globe.