Q. What can I learn at VCAMPUS?

Please check our courses here. VCampus Courses

Q. How to contact VCAMPUS?

For individual, media, and partnerships inquiries, please contact us here. Our Customer Support team will endeavor to answer all inquiries within 12–24 hours. Please click here You can contact us here or through our social media networks where other members of the Academy might also be able to help and join the discussion. Alternatively, how about you tweet We are an inclusive, online, real-time, social media-rich Academy that encourages interaction.

Q. When will I be able to take the exam in the academy?

If you listened to our course, did a workbook, you may want to test your knowledge further. The online exam is now available on our learning platform as well. To enroll, please click here.

Q. Do I need any previous experience or qualifications before I join the academy or is it available to anyone?

VCAMPUS spends a lot of time creating educational material that everyone can understand. Even if you have no previous knowledge of trading or finance, you will be surprised how simple, thought-provoking and engaging VCAMPUS teaching is.

Q. Where can I learn about financial markets day-to-day? Can the academy help?

We are an Online Academy and our members live across the globe in different financial systems and our members trade numerous financial markets. The Academy will highlight the importance of staying up-to-date with daily financial news from around the globe as we have a global reach. The Academy also encourages each member to select credible information providers and resources that are the most appropriate for their financial and trading circumstances.

Q. How much are VCAMPUS’s trading courses?

VCAMPUS only charges $69 per course. Our pricing policy is part of our corporate philosophy and we do try to keep prices as low as possible to make financial education affordable for all.

Q. How can I pay for the course?

We accept a wide range of payments in various currencies. After you select a course, please add it to your shopping cart and follow on-screen steps to the check-out. You can also contact us to discuss alternative payment methods.

Q. How do I access the courses that I bought?

Please check your inbox (spam folders as well) to find two emails from us: a confirmation of your purchase and your enrollment verification. Please verify your email account and login to the academy’s student area. The course that you purchased will already be waiting for you.

Q. Will there be someone to help me if I do not understand the course?

Yes, please share your questions with us. Click Here

Q. Is this website secure to purchase from?

Yes. All the payment details are taken online payment gateway and this website does not store your payment data.

Q. Why do we offer an online exam and the certificate?

We are offering an exam and a certificate because so many of you requested this for a variety of reasons, mainly personal or for career enhancement.

Q. Are these certificates officially recognized?

VCAMPUS comes under a group which operates in various countries and has become leaders of online education by providing quality learning keeping in mind the modern professional demands. Our certifications are globally accepted by the employers as the standard qualification pertaining to contemporary job world.

Q. Why Certificate course is better than a Degree program?

Certificate Course is a precise program designed to provide students with specialized knowledge for a particular profession. A certificate course from VCampus exhibits that you have completed a sequential program of study in a particular field of knowledge and this certificate meets all the educational standards.

Q. Will I get a job after a Certificate Course?

Certificate course prepares students for direct entry into their new career or position. Completing a certificate program gives you options, which means more flexibility in your career. These days, employers want job candidates and employees to continue their education. A certificate shows an employer that you are dedicated to staying on top of your industries latest technologies and practices.

Q. What is the process to enroll for a certificate course?

You become a candidate by simply paying online Fee.  We suggest you establish your application as soon as you have decided to pursue the program. By doing so, you’ll initiate your course requirements. In addition, certificate candidates receive advance notice of upcoming course and new quarter enrollments before the general public. As a certificate student, you also have access to a Certificate Programs Advisor, who can help you evaluate your program status, and guide you on choosing the best course of study to meet your career goals.

Q. Can I enroll for multiple courses at once?

You can take as many courses as you feel you can handle during a quarter; most students who work full-time take 1 per quarter and the rest take maximum of 2 courses to maximize the learning and knowledge.

Q. Will I get a job placement or assistance on competition of my course?

While we cannot assist you directly with job placement; however, we will help you in coordinating with our in-house placement consultant who would assist you.

Q. How will I know if this is the right course for me?

We have expert Certificate Programs Advisor, who can help you evaluate your program status, and guide you on choosing the best course of study to meet your career goals.

Q. What are the benefits of online courses?

The biggest advantage of an online course is that your classroom and instructor (theoretically) are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your only excuse for missing class is not getting online! Otherwise, everything is available to you. You can get announcements, access notes, review assignments, take practice quizzes and discuss questions.

Q. How online learning is different from classroom teaching?

Online Courses offer more flexibility - you can study anytime you want. Online courses bring education to a place of convenience to you (Work/Home) and offer more individual attention as you have direct access to the instructor.

Q. Will I get study material as per my course?

We have most advance Learning Management Systems in place that can alleviate the experience of virtual learning ensuring the right content at right time and at the right place.

Q. What is the limitation on the number of students enrolling per course?

While there is no limitation on seats per course but with ease of online medium the utmost attention is guaranteed.