Program : Airport Management & Customer Service

Program Code : CF123

Tuition Fee
$ 69

Courses under this Program

Course Code Course Name & Details Units ENROL NOW
AVIHS X 1370.1 Civil Aviation 4
AVIHS X 1371.1 Aviation Terms and Procedures 4
AVIHS X 1372.1 Effective Communication Skills 4
AVIHS X 1373.1 Time Management 4

Certificate in Airport Management and Customer Care is an ideal program for students to make a career in the aviation industry. This course familiarizes you with the basic protocols of airport management and efficient techniques to deal with customers. This course offers a wide variety of options to select from such as cabin crew, ground staff and even an airport manager. The highlight of this course is that it gives the students a generous exposure to a host of areas and allows students to then specialize in the one which holds their interest. After the successful completion of this course, students can find employment as cabin crew, airport professionals (in the management cadre), fare desk executives, reservation agents, marketing executives & business development executive in destination marketing, logistics managers & cargo executives and managers, material operations management and so on.


This Certificate Program is intended for :
The certificate program in, Airport Management & Customer Service supported and approved by the aviation industry provides students with a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program of study.

This certificate can be helpful in career enhancement, career advancement and even career replacement.

Requirements :

  • Beginners with basic computer and English language skills who want to make their career in the field of aviation.
  • We require an official copy of transcript.
  • Students who have earned their degree outside of the U.S. need to submit it to a transcript evaluation service which then forwards their report to us.