Program : Graphic Designing, Editing & 3D Basics

Program Code : CF117

Tuition Fee
$ 69

Courses under this Program

Course Code Course Name & Details Units ENROL NOW
MLTAN X 1346.1 Introduction to Graphic Designing 4
MLTAN X 1347.1 Vector Drawing in Illustrator 4
MLTAN X 1348.1 Image Editing in Photoshop 4
MLTAN X 1349.1 Sound Editing in Sound Forge Pro 4
MLTAN X 1350.1 Video Editing in Premiere Pro 4
MLTAN X 1351.1 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Rendering in 3DS Max 4
MLTAN X 1352.1 Modeling and Animating in Maya 4

This is a certification program prepares students for employment in the Digital Media, movies, video, graphic design, animation, multimedia and game design. Students learn to communicate visually and step into the future with the modern tools. Graphic Designing, 3D Animation & VFX are large and growing industries that represent a high growth career opportunity.


This course familiarizes beginners with the Graphic Designing fundamentals using 2D &3D Graphics, audio and video editing software. It also provides knowledge about different concepts that are required for developing animation, special effects and Gaming, interactive designs and digital editing.

This Certificate Program is intended for :
This Certificate is for those who want to develop their professional competencies in Graphics Designing. It is aimed for those who want to want to develop solid foundation in design history, theory and practical design applications. This certificate can be helpful in career enhancement, career advancement and even career replacement.

Requirements :

  • In order to earn the certificate, the student must have basic knowledge of computers.
  • We require an official copy of transcript.
  • Students who have earned their degree outside of the U.S. need to submit it to a transcript evaluation service which then forwards their report to us.