Program : Grammar Vocabulary and Accent Training

Course Name : Accent Training

Course Code Course Fee
ENGSS X 1302.1 $ 69

This is an ideal course for beginners who want to possess fluency in written and spoken English. This program, in which the participants learn English pronunciation, is focused on eliminating the mother tongue influence and developing a neutral English accent. The effectiveness in the program lies in the systematic approach to the training. The emphasis is placed on Phonetics and Intonation which are the two major areas that impact accent. Accent training helps to increase the aspect of communication which in turn positively impacts customer service.


Course Format

This is hand-on course. We apply a powerful learning cycle of short lecture, self learning material, specialized dictionaries, eBooks. To enhance ones personality IT simulations and Power Point presentations are conducted. Self Assessment tests, Online Assessments and Online Exams are there to test student’s knowledge and skills. This course covers:-

  • Pronunciation
  • Phonetics
  • Accent Neutralization
  • Telephonic Communication
  • Helpdesk/Desktop Support Service
  • Speaking Skills

Course Location

Online Vlearn Portal