Program : Mutual Funds

Program Code : CF103

Tuition Fee
$ 69

Courses under this Program

Course Code Course Name & Details Units ENROL NOW
FINRE X 1306.1 The Mutual Fund Industry 4
FINRE X 1307.1 Investing in Mutual Funds 5
FINRE X 1308.1 Accounting, Valuation, and Taxation 4
FINRE X 1309.1 Services with Mutual Fund 4

Mutual Fund industry is playing an active role in the capital market today and is one of the fastest growing industries. Mutual funds industries offer multiple career options to the youths irrespective of their academic subjects. Graduates from arts, science and commerce can easily find a job in this promising and growing sector. Further, coming of private players and many financial institutions into the mutual funds markets have further widen the scope of employment in this sector.

This Certificate Program is intended for :
Certificate in Mutual Funds is for those who want to develop their professional competencies .For those who wants to brush up on the skills of Mutual Funds with continuation of studies and profession. This certificate can be helpful in career enhancement, career advancement and even career replacement.

Requirements :

  • In order to earn the certificate, the student must have prior knowledge of Securities Market.
  • We require an official copy of transcript.
  • Students who have earned their degree outside of the U.S. need to submit it to a transcript evaluation service which then forwards their report to us.