Program : Cloud Computing

Course Name : Understanding the core concept of Cloud Computing

Course Code Course Fee
INFTE X 1327.1 $ 69

This course will give students a theoretical foundation and hands-on experience with the various technologies of the cloud computing paradigm. Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service, whereby distributed resources are provided by appropriate service suppliers and leased, rather than owned, by an end user as a utility (similar to electricity and water) over a network (typically the Internet).


Course Format

This is hand-on course. We apply a powerful learning cycle of short lecture, self learning material, specialized dictionaries, eBooks. To enhance ones personality IT simulations and Power Point presentations are conducted. Self Assessment tests, Online Assessments and Online Exams are there to test student’s knowledge and skills. This course covers:-

  •  Introduction to Cloud Computing and its Concepts
    1. SaaS
    2. PaaS
    3. LaaS
  • Adopting the cloud
  • Business plan for Cloud
  • Technical considerations of Cloud computing
  • Cloud computing impact on IT Environment
  • Risk in Cloud Computing
  • Sharing documents with Cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools
  • Performing Web Conferencing over Cloud
  • Handling projects over Cloud
  • Accounting over Cloud

Course Location

Online Vlearn Portal