Program : Hospitality Management

Program Code : CF125

Tuition Fee
$ 69

Courses under this Program

Course Code Course Name & Details Units ENROL NOW
AVIHS X 1378.1 Hospitality Industry 4
AVIHS X 1379.1 Front Office 4
AVIHS X 1380.1 Food and Beverage 5
AVIHS X 1381.1 Flight Catering 4

This Certificate program in Hospitality Management is an ideal course for beginners who are looking for career opportunities in the hospitality field. The program enables the student to get a firm hold on the working of the Hotel Industry. This course familiarizes beginners with the trends of hotel industry and preparation, serving and managing food and beverages, meals and menus and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

This Certificate Program is intended for :
Certificate in Hospitality Management is for those who want to develop their professional competencies in Hospitality. For those who wants to brush up on the skills of Hospitality and Hotel Industry with continuation of studies and profession. This certificate can be helpful in career enhancement, career advancement and even career replacement.

Requirements :

  • In order to earn the certificate, the student must have basic computer knowledge and English language skills.
  • We require an official copy of transcript.
  • Students who have earned their degree outside of the U.S. need to submit it to a transcript evaluation service which then forwards their report to us.