President's Message

Investing in quality education is the most important investment a person can possibly make. But how do you put a value on such an investment? Transitioning from school to vocational or formal education is perhaps the most important career choice that an individual makes, one that is a part of their transition from young adulthood to becoming independent members of society. It is a time when they choose their lives’ paths, and where they make the many lifelong friends who will accompany them on that journey.
The more education you get, the higher your earnings are likely to be. On average, high school graduates earn more than high school dropouts. Those who receive post secondary training earn more than high school dropouts and graduates. And workers who have bachelors or higher degrees usually earn more than those with less education.

A small investment of your time will help you make an informed career choice that could pay dividends throughout your life. Seek out information about occupations with favorable career prospects, high earnings, and other attributes that are important to you. You shouldn’t be dissuaded from a career that interests you just because it’s competitive. Take every opportunity to learn new skills. The more you upgrade your skills to the constantly changing world of work, the more likely you and your career will adapt along with it.

At VCampus, we offer instruction for full and part-time students who are looking for contemporary skill based education that will put you at an advantage in the job market. We also offer a growing number of formal qualifications at the associate, graduate, maters and doctoral levels to students that aspire to acquire a degree. Our curriculum is built around an optimal mix of conceptual and practical knowledge and is delivered using the most updated technology leveraged methodologies. No matter which direction or career path an individual chooses, VCampus will equip you for life after college with the right balance of 'in demand' skills. Our caring and competent faculty guides our students to discover their unique strengths and abilities, and encourage them to achieve academic success

Dr. Rajan Chopra