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Business Partner Inquiry

As a prospective VCampus Business Partner, you invest in a partnership perfectly suited to the current digital economy in the field of training and education. 
Be amazed at the resources at hand. Training sessions for your technical and marketing staff, that will rival the world’s best. Technical know-how and support that will help you set up a world class education center quickly. Up to the minute market and industry research. Marvel at the sophisticated range of state-of-the-art courses on offer for different segments of the market. Courses for basic learners, career seekers, professionals and corporate bodies. In other words we promise you a dignified, solid base in the world’s fastest growing industry. And the reward of bringing exciting new learning opportunities to your community and a proven business model. 

In short, everything we do is geared toward ensuring that our franchise partners are able own a business that is fun, profitable and easy to operate. 

Benefits Acquired To Have A VCampus Business Partner Model
VCampus, Global Educational Group provide qualitative Business Partner under its Franchising Business Model. Worldwide network of VCampus differentiate itself from other competitors and its core competency will lead your investment to fructify in an envisaged future of yours.

Ancillaries To Business Partner

  • Brand Asssocation, Sharing Goodwill and Modus Operandi
  • Industry-relevant substance & Intellectual Scholastic Techniques
  • Corporate Marketing support in terms of Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Placement Cell for the support of students

For inquiries, please use the form below: