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Why Digital Marketing?

  • You reach people where they spend their time.
  • Your competitors are already doing it.
  • You can compete with larger corporations.
  • You can target your ideal audience.
  • You can choose from a variety of strategies.
  • You can spread brand awareness.
  • You can monitor your campaigns and optimize them for better results.
  • You get an impressive return on investment (ROI).

The key takeaways of Digital Marketing Programme offered by VCampus are:

  • Professionals are able to understand the consumer behavior in the digital marketing world.
  • They can plan, build, and execute digital marketing strategies.
  • They can identify in-demand metrics to measure, analyse and increase ROI.
  • They can contribute immensely to the firm’s profitability in line with the business goals.


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Featured Digital Marketing Programs

Digital marketers are the professionals who are adept at growing their company’s presence in multiple digital channels, with responsibilities that cross the business spectrum from tech to marketing.They manage various channels like social media networks, Google Ads, website content and email marketing to deliver a persuasive and cohesive marketing message to their audience.Fast track your career by learning top digital marketing tools with our Digital marketing courses featuring smart classes.

Course Features

Get Trained from industry expert. 150+ Hours of Live Classes. 40+ Digital Marketing Team Gauranted Internship & Job Assistance A Pratical based course designed by experts

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Digital Marketing Content

Today, every company demands digital marketing experts who can encompass all digital channels such as social media, email, SEO, and websites to uplift their business and to connect with current and prospective customers. In today’s scenario, digital marketing training has become a livelihood for any industry. There are overall about 16 modules in the digital marketing training in Delhi that covers every aspect of the digital marketing course. Join the best digital marketing course in south Delhi. Vcampus Digital Marketing Institute in South Extension.

Video marketing is the process of rearranging and manipulating the captured video footage as part of the post-production process. The goal of video marketing is to structure and present the most important of the information in the video and remove the unnecessary ones. The editing software has democratized the entire process and creates fast and intuitive video effects and transitions in no time. Join the best digital marketing course in South Delhi. Vcampus Digital Marketing Institute in South Extension.

Web planning is the first module in the web designing course that will help you plan various fundamentals of web designing course, for instance, determine goals, define your target audience, giving importance to SEO, planning for content, and develop use cases, sitemap. You should remember success begins with website planning is the most vital part of any business marketing efforts.

You learn how search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to find and research search terms that users enter into search engines when looking for products.

The training of Ecommerce SEO will teach you how to influence your technical SEO and how to strategically take keywords into account in your site architecture and URLs.

Local SEO is a digital marketing practice that optimizes your content, products, and services to get more visibility in local search listings online. This option is best for local businesses or entrepreneurs who wish to enhance their online presence locally well within the budget.

Google webmaster tool training helps you to learn to control your website and web pages in search engine that allows you to learn and check web pages indexing status, the difference between crawl stats vs crawl error, about 404 pages, rich snippets or schema, and a lot more.

Similar to Google webmaster, there is a Bing webmaster that permits webmasters to add their websites to the Bing crawler to optimize the visibility of the websites. The Bing webmaster training teaches to troubleshoot the crawling, indexing of the website, sitemap creation, and a lot more.

Google analytics tool helps you get a deeper understanding of the customers and to get insights for better results. It is a complete data and result-driven tool to optimize your marketplace and experience an increase in revenue growth of the business. Learn to play strategically with numbers and data.

Creative designing tools- also be capable of having in-depth knowledge of the different digital marketing tools used such as Photoshop, Canva, 3D Paint and a lot more.

Content writing is one of the most important modules of internet marketing training. If you are not properly trained to write effective content for your website or campaigns then you will never be able to generate sales or get a productive response from the customers.

Search Engine Optimization is a method to organically optimize the webpage at the topmost position in search engines such as Google or Yahoo or Bing for any specific keyword or set of keywords. SEO is completely a strategic work based on over 199 ranking factors. The SEO course will cover the training of on- page and off-page SEO. It also covers other elements such as domain optimization, Meta tags optimization, use of internal links vs external links and a lot more.

Email marketing is used when you want to send bulk emails in a single click. The email marketing course will offer training on how to use bulk email marketing software such as MailChimp. You would know how to use your mail server to send bulk promotional emails and collect leads. You will also learn to design and create attractive newsletters for email marketing.

Mobile marketing is a digital marketing strategy to reach out to the targeted audiences on their smartphone devices, tablets or other mobile devices. Mobile Marketing training will teach you how to focus and understand your mobile audience and design content keeping the mobile responsive to build around strategies accordingly using mobile marketing.

Content marketing is one of the best ways to connect with your potential customers to sell a product or service via effective content. There are various ways to earn from effective content writing skills that include working as a freelancer, blogging, social media influencer, and many other ways. You will learn how to create productive content for any industry or business type.

Lead generation terms is the act of attracting people to buy a product or the service of a brand. This process of attracting potential customers makes use of a marketing management system where the leads are nurtured throughout the buying process.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the technique of taking control or shaping the influence of people's perception of a business and the organization. Reputation management deals with public opinion about a business, and its products or services. ORM affects the online conversion rate of a business.

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people's products through an affiliate network, on their website. They end up earning a commission if people buy a product through the ads from their website, as a reward for their marketing effort. Affiliate marketing is based on the concept of revenue sharing.

Google AdSense is the simplest and most effective way to earn money by placing ads of brands on one's website. Ads are always reviewed for quality and relevance to the content and audience and there is an option to block unwanted ads as well. Only the highest paying ads go live on the website and AdSense renders the potential to tap into the largest network of online advertisers who are bidding for the ad space.

Upcoming Short Certification Program

What you would love about VCampus?

New & Trending Specialized Courses

New & Trending Specialized Courses

VCampus is the only institute that provides New & Trending Specialized Courses in Digital Marketing.

Diversity in Teaching Methodology

Diversity in Teaching Methodology

We offer courses to Freshers | Working Professionals | Business Owners | Self Employed Individuals. Our approach of teaching is based on the ability of a learner.

Online Learning

Hybrid Training Program

VCampus is an online learning platform. A learner can learn any time and from anywhere from our e-content and PPTs. If you want to learn through live class, you can have the access for the same by paying some extra amount. In the live class, you can learn through a renowned industry expert.

Course Facilitators

Course Facilitators

The course facilitators of VCampus are Industry experts and Practitioners.

Life Time Access

100% Placement Assistance

VCampus learners can get 24X7 online access to learning content and PPTs for lifetime.

Free Sessions to Crack Interviews

Free Sessions to Crack Interviews

We prepare the young talent well for the trending jobs by offering them free sessions on how to handle interview pressure | how to crack interviews.


Access to Free Tools for Practical Learning

We offer our learners an access to all free tools and applications so that they can have hands-on-experience on their learnings.

Doubt Solving Sessions

Doubt Solving Sessions

We are committed to resolve the doubts of young talents at the time of their occurrence. We thus provide doubt solving sessions to them. These sessions are catered by industry practitioners with no extra charge.

Affordable & Honest Pricing

Affordable & Honest Pricing

VCampus offers an unparalled value for money pricing. It offers digital marketing courses in such a price range that does not create any burden on the pockets of the individuals and their parents.


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